Quick Reviews

Mark Basile said... (Marc played a tribute with with Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash survivors, Artimus Pyle (Drummer), Ed King (Guitar player), Leslie Hawkins (Honkette) and the late JoJo Billingsley (Honkette)...) Mark also was a fill in guitar  player for Gary Rossington (with the all original lineup)  when Gary was hospitalized in the 70's during a tour.

"I watched the demo video and have to tell you that its RARE a Skynyrd Tribute band actually captures that "space" between notes, so when I say "clean" its probably the highest form of compliment I can give you. Can see that you guys concentrate on the music, as it should be, and "spaces" are awesome!!!! Too many "tribute" bands sonically just don't cut it - you guys do! Congrats!"
Martin Drainville - Well as one of the commmitee members of the New Liskeard Bikers Reunion it was our extreme pleasure to have Saturday Night Special bring there Southern Rock show to our 15th annual cancer fundraising event. They were a pleasure to work with and put on a fantastic show with talented musicians and great vocals. If the Bikers Reunion would have continued we would have had them back. If you want to have a show that will make your event memorable definitely bring this act in. Martin Drainville New Liskeard Bikers Reunion...

 Sun Media's Stephen Uhler - re SabStock show:  " You guys were amazing, especially to an older fellow like me who knows who Skynyrd is beyond the tunes... ;) "

Craig Jefferson - PUB Promotions:   "These guys (and gals) are the REAL deal! Great stage show, always professional. Lynyrd Skynyrd at it's best! Saturday Night Special bring it!"

 Dan Dubé - Continental Entertainment: "One of the better bands I've seen from Northern Ontario....Great front man, back up singers and musicians....what else can I say."

 Bill Davidson - Fan: "Having seen Lynyrd Skynyrd 6 times since 1991. Saturday Night Special host's a "rolicking" good time....the perfect blend of "in your face guitars and vocals' mixed with that sweet, Southern Rock boogie rhythm section. As close to the the real thing as you will ever find!"

SNS Would like to thank the following for dedication and ongoing support...

- Productions for stellar video production and photography. Along with Mitch Ross, Tracy Sanders and Brent       Wohlberg!!!!
- Mark Basile from Axius Entertainment for most valuable mentoring.
- Billy Bruhmuller, our sound technician as well as recording tech.
- Brenda Stobo, for your ongoing support and photography.
- Jorge Cueto Herrera Photography
- Dale Lalonde Photography
- Larson's Gallery
- The Guitar Clinic
- Jett Landry Music
- Prom Music
- Long and McQuade Music
- Andre Lecouteur @ Precision Guitar Worx 
- Jonsey Blues
- Sheptone Pickups
- Matt and Perry Kessler - Video 
- Larson Heinonen Photography
And of course TO LYNYRD SKYNYRD and all of the faithful fans. Without whom, we wouldn't be here.
Long live Southern Rock...

Upcoming Shows

Friday June 10th 2016 - Chemmy Mud Bogs. Opening for Quiet Riot
Sat June 2nd 2016 - Private Corporate Party
Saturday July 16th 2016 - Wasaga Beach Bike Rally
Sudbury Ribfest 2016 - September 2 5PM
Steelworkers Union Hall 2016/2017 - RESCHEDULING
Sudbury Vale Hospice Fundraiser to Norm Hein - Date and Venue to be announced
Cousin Vinnies - CHRISTMAS BASH - Dec 17th 2016
Rockin Valentines Show - The AC DC Show and SNS Feb 10th 2017 Caruso Club Sudbury
Cornwall Nav Center - April  2017
Rescheduling - New York Town of Niagara Concert Series
August 19th - Rock n Roar Spanish
August 26th 2017 - Timmins Kayak Challenge

Just some of our Previous Shows: HEY, don't forget to check out our picture gallery!! If you have a picture, please send it in on our contact form!!!

Sudbury Downtown Ribfest
Valley East Days Festival
Bell Park Amphitheatre NHL Legends Golf Classic
SabStock - Pembroke Ontario (Opening lineup for David Wilcox)
Uranium Heritage Festival - Eliott Lake (Opening Lineup for Finger Eleven)
Little Montreal Double Bill with Bluez Brotherz
RibFest - Sudbury
Private Corporate Party
SummerFest - Sudbury
Waltonian Inn - Labor Day Bash Callandar Ontario
Bike Fest - New Liskeard. Over 8000 bikes...
PUB Productions Venue
Cousin Vinnys Venue
Plaza Venue